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Affordable Legal Solutions for Tenants in New York City

WE DO NOT HANDLE CASES ON BEHALF OF LANDLORDS, only on behalf of tenants, roommates, family members, and sub-tenants.
Experienced Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Areas of Practice

  • Breaking your lease
  • Nonpayment of rent cases
  • Eviction cases
  • Holdover cases
  • Succession rights
  • Rent stabilization/control overcharges
  • Sublet cases
  • Pet cases
  • Nonprimary residence cases
  • Nuisance and violation of lease cases
  • HDFC coops and rentals Owner’s use cases
  • Section 8
  • HP cases to compel a landlord to fix your apartment
  • NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority) cases
  • DHCR (Division of Housing & Community Renewal) cases
  • HPD (NYC Dept. of Housing Pres. & Dev.) cases Mitchell-Lama coops and rentals

William Leavitt

Proudly Fighting For New York City Tenants

Mr. Leavitt worked 20 years as a staff attorney and supervising attorney for various free legal services offices in Illinois and New York, finishing as supervising housing attorney for Harlem Legal Services (now Manhattan Legal Services). He practiced in a variety of areas at legal services, especially housing and public benefits cases. He began his solo practice as a housing attorney in lower Manhattan in 2005 and has been successfully representing tenants only (no landlords) since then.

Mr. Leavitt enjoys forcing landlords to pay his legal fees after he wins a case for a tenant, if possible, so that the tenant is not prejudiced by having to pay legal fees without reimbursement. This does not happen in every case, however. Mr. Leavitt also loves to re-stabilize de-regulated apartments which were fraudulently de-regulated years ago.

Schedule a Case Evaluation

  1. If you wish to discuss your case, it is best to set up a 60-90 minute phone consultation. You need to first pay the flat fee of $300.00 on Paypal, Venmo (William Leavitt-10). or Zelle.
  2. Also, please email me the first and last leases (whether in your name or whoever signed the first lease), as well as the NY State DHCR rent history (unless you are in a coop/condo, NYCHA, HUD, or Mitchell-Lama building or there have never been at least six apartments in the building)
  3. To get your free DHCR rent history, contact online the NY State Div. of Homes (DHCR) and make a freedom of info. request. It will be mailed to you in about a week.

Get Results

Often, Mr. Leavitt has lowered the monthly rent for clients, and stopped evictions for hundreds of clients who were convinced that they were about to lose their apartments.

In 2008, Mr. Leavitt won a landmark case regarding roommates. Under the Seaborn case, a landlord can no longer evict a rent-regulated tenant for overcharging a roommate.

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